Resumption of service & prevention plan against COVID-19

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As part of the gradual resumption of our activities, we inform our customers that we are adopting a strict prevention plan in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Labor and the assistance of ANSES, of the network of occupational health insurance, of INRS, Anact and occupational physicians.

Here are the rules adopted during our services:

  1. Regular cleaning of all surfaces inside the vehicle, door handles and buttons, payment area, GPS screen, more generally of any object, surface ... likely to have been contaminated.
  2. Cleaning between each race and customer care.
  3. Regular ventilation of the vehicle.
  4. Provision of consumables: hydro-alcoholic gel, wipes, trash bags, etc.
  5. No passenger can sit next to the driver.
  6. Strict respect for barrier gestures, eg the distance of one meter from all people…
  7. Maximum 6 passengers in the aft cabin of the Van.
  8. A plasticized explanatory plate recalling the rules applicable during the pandemic.
  9. Passengers with symptoms of COVID-19 infection are not accepted; they should contact a medical transport service.
  10. Prohibition to put luggage on the back seat unless it is a small bag, kept on the lap.
  11. Drinks, treats, magazines, chargers and garbage cans are removed during transport.
  12. Payment with a bank card is preferred - The device is cleaned after each use.
  13. Reminder - Meals prohibited inside the vehicle.

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